Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Slides of Mongolia

My grandparents spent six summers in Mongolia, and every trip the took 200+ slides, which I have been virtually archiving since my grandfather passed away last spring. The process itself is very time consuming, but he happy upshot of all this time scanning and labeling is that I get to witness the steppe and the Gobi through the eyes of my grandparents.

The steppe, barren and immense:

The car, submerged and stuck:

The Mongolian horsemen, probably rather entertained by the stuck car:

Horsemen again, getting bored of having their picture taken:

The horsemen decide that they should, perhaps, help out the silly stuck Americans:

One is not enough, more are called in to the murky depths:

The goat they just cooked with a blow torch, looking a lot like the goat they just cooked with a blow torch:

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